Rafael is a contemporary artist born in Madrid and has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. He had the opportunity to enjoy three study exchange scholarships: in Villa Arson, Nice (France), at the University of Fine Arts of Castilla la Mancha in Cuenca and another practical training scholarship in Padova (Italy) for the Fundazione per l’Arte Contemporanea. 


After completing the Master of Management and Artistic Practice at the University of Murcia, he participated in Manifesta 8 Biennial of Contemporary Art of Murcia in the production department. Later he participated in the Artistic Mediation courses and also worked as an artistic educator for the Biennale. 


He was interested in continuing with his artistic-educational practice together with other colleagues from the Biennial, he was part of the Medusa Mediación collective, creating artistic education projects for all types of audiences in various institutions. Medusa Mediación carried out the project "Who turns the tortilla around" which reviews the collection of three provincial museums (Murcia, León and Lugo) from a gender perspective; this project was subsidized by the Ministry of Culture. 


Rafael then moved to France which allowed him to train as an artistic framer, carrying out conservation work for exhibitions in museums such as the Reina Sofía Art Center in Madrid and the Tate Britain in London. 


Currently he resides in London where he combines his work with his personal art projects, holding solo and group exhibitions. 



Solo Exhibitions

2023 – Colour Motion. Picture House Fulham Road. Londres, Reino Unido.

2023 – M@ < Sensaciones de ida y vuelta>. CEART Madrid, España.

2022 – Colindante Verde. Café Galeria Ficciones. Murcia, España

Collective exhibitions


The Entranced Essence. RuptureXIBIT. Londres, Reino Unido.


Lawless Imagination. RupturExibit Gallery. London, United Kingdom.

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2023. Mall Gallery . Londres, Reino Unido.

Auntie-Freeze 7, Cave Pimplico. Londres, Reino Unido.


Auntie-Freeze 6 , Cave Pimlico. Londres, Reino Unido.

Above and Below, Artizan Gallery. Torquay, Reino Unido.

Colours, The Stone Space. Londres, Reino Unido.

Chelsea Art Fair. London, United Kingdom.