ING Discerning Eyes

Mall Galleries , London

South Terrace N22, this was a work selected by Chris Levaine who was one of the curators for the ING Discerning Eyes edition of 2023. The exhibition took place from November 16th to 23th, 2023 at the Mall Galleries, London.

Lawless Imagination

Rupturexibit Gallery , London

Lawless Imagination was an exhibition based on experimentation and sharing. For this exhibition pieces by 45 artists were shown, they explored different ideas through the diversity of their art. Estuary Movement R79 was presented as part of a body of work that investigates communication and movement as part of the estuaries landscape in north Devon.

The exhibition took place from 30th November to 9th December 2023 in London.

Auntie Freeze 7

Cave Pimlico , London

Auntie Freeze is organized every year to showcase the work of local artists, resulting in a unique opportunity for exchange and dialogue.

Estuary Movement N14 was selected for this exhibition with its representation of the landscape through communication and movement.


The Stone Space , London

This exhibit was curated by Matthew Macaulay. In it he brought together contemporary artists who use colour as a central component of their practice.

The works shown explored the interaction of colours and the reactions that arise in their infinite combinations.

For this exhibition, Picnic Ice-Cream was presented, this piece investigates the possibilities of colour, shapes with the act of painting. Picnic Ice-Cream  que indaga las posibilidades del color junto con las formas y el acto propio de la pintura.

Above and below

Artizan Gallery

As part of Devon Open Studios 2022, "Above and Below" was presented. This was an exhibition based on the Time and Tide Bell initiative along with a programme of performances, readings and workshops, in collaboration with the University of Exeter, England.

The Time and Bell Project was first conceived in 2008 by Marcus Vergette (artist, sculptor, bell maker) and now includes 7 completed bells along the UK coast.

For this exhibition, the piece High Tide was presented,  which alludes to the biological and natural wealth offered by the seas and rivers through the play of colour, organic shapes, brushstrokes and of painting itself.

Chelse Art Fair

Chelsea Old Town Hall, London

The Chelsea Art Society's 73rd Annual Summer Exhibition took place in June 2022. The Open Art Exhibition is an established annual event, based at Chelsea Old Town Hall and has been running since 1994.

South Terrace N22 was selected to participate in the group exhibition along with a number of local artists.

Auntie Freeze 6

The Cave, London

Auntie Freeze 6 was an exhibition held in November 2022 at the Cave Pimlico gallery space in London.

Based on an open call, the works presented were part of an eclectic set in which different artistic themes and practices were mixed, giving rise to open conversations, fostering the meeting of local artists and diverse audiences.